Transfers from Airports in Belgium


You can book a transfer from the airport in Belgium. This kingdom is located in Western Europe, more accurately – by the North Sea, on its eastern coast. Brussels is the capital of the state. There are many sightseeing attractions in this city. Some of them deserve special attention. This is the Royal Palace of Brussels and Cathedral the Archangel. It is also home to the Cathedral of St. Gudula and the Town Hall (on the Grand Place). You can also see the Atomium, as well as famous fountain called Manneken Pis. Other cities are also interesting. Grote Markt square is situated in Bruges, in the center of the province West Flanders. The Belfry of Bruges and the Church of Our Lady are also located here. There are sculptures of Michelangelo himself in the church. This small town is also outstanding due to Gruuthusemuseum. Another city – Ghent – is attractive for its sights. Old Vrijdagmarkt square is worth noticing. Tourists can visit Ooidonk Castle, the Castle of Gerald the Devil and the Gravensteen, as well as get to the ski resorts. Antwerp is a wonderful city in Belgium that is sure to attract attention. There is an old town hall, as well as the castle named Burg Steen. Another city – Charleroi – is famous for its annual festivals of modern dance. Charleroi also has a curious Museum of Photography and the castle Chateau Bilquin de Cartier.


The best and most comfortable way to visit these cities is a transfer. In order to get to the hotel on a budget in this way, you need to pre-order a car on our website. The driver will wait for you at the agreed place and at the specified time. In this case, you can safely go to the hotel, having seen all the sights. The big plus is that the price will be fixed. It will be indicated when booking a car. It is also possible to order a rental car or a minibus with a driver. If you have planned a trip to a city in Belgium, the first question that you will need to solve is the question of how to get from the place of walking to the hotel, as well as back. The services of a personal driver, available on the website of our company, will help. We offer you services cheaper than a taxi.


If you are interested in getting from the airport to the city center, than use our services. Transfers from the airports of Brussels (BRU), Antwerp (ANR), Liege (LGG), Bruges (OST), Brussels-Charleroi (CRL) will be served in advance. The carrier has information about the flight, that the tourist uses to arrive in the country. Therefore, the car will be waiting in the parking, and he will meet you at the arrival area. The same applies to transfer flights to hotels. You will be met by a welcomer who will have a sign with the customer's name on it when meeting the flight. If you need to get to the cruise terminal, you can also order a transfer service from our company. A child safety seat is provided in business or economy class transfer cars. When placing an order you only need to choose how many children there will be and of what age. A car will arrive in the same way, but it will be equipped with special means of transportation. You can also go with not quite standard luggage. To do this, you need to order a car with a driver online, and when applying, note that a special trunk is required, for example, for transporting skis. The order will be confirmed exactly when the carrier finds the appropriate car. Its capacity will be determined in advance. Here it is important to specify exactly how many people will go, how much luggage they have. If you are interested in how much a taxi from the seaport to the airport costs, then the prices are listed on the website.