Transfers from Airports in Sweden


Sweden is a country of luxurious ski resorts and memorable city tours. Having a vacation here is not the cheapest option, to be sure. Some places demand their visitors to use all types of available transport. In order to get around, you can rent a car (which will be a hit to your finances due to the cost of the car itself and fuel expenses) or use a taxi, which can sometimes be somewhat convenient.If you are wondering how to get downtown from the airport of Sweden, the best option is to use a transfer service. This saves you the hassle of looking for a taxi or a bus or renting a car. The driver will meet you at the airport exit. He will carry your luggage to the car of your selection and take you to the desired address. When you use our service for paying for transfers away from Swedish airports, you pay a fixed amount with no extra charges. If you are concerned about the price for taking a taxi from the seaport to the airport, see our price list available on our website.


Stockholm Arlanda Airport is considered to be the busiest airport in Sweden. It is located 37 km from Stockholm. The airport is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can easily visit our website and contact the necessary personnel.To get to the airport or meet a relative, friend or colleague, renting a car with a personal driver is a must. This type of transportation is considered the most comfortable and safe. A private driver that will get you to Sweden possesses professional driving skills, speaks foreign languages and is able to converse on a variety of topics.We provide a personal driver service and economy class vehicles for those who like to save some extra money: Kia Rio, W Polo and other similar car brands. Your trip from the airport will be as cost-efficient as possible, but no less comfortable and fast than other options at hand.We also provide a variety of minibuses with a comfortable interior. Entire groups of people can be transferred to their destination in no time.


  Typically, this service is provided for people that want to get from or to the airport, train station or seaport. But we can sometimes set up a transfer to get to ski resorts or other cities in the country as an exception: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lund, Uppsala, Visby, Linkoping, Umea, Sigtuna.The transfer is booked in advance. Depending on the countries in question and cars, the time period for booking a reservation can vary from 16 to 24 hours. This provides the carrier with enough time to get the vehicle ready for a comfortable and safe journey, which is our competitive advantage.Book a Transfer in Our CompanyIf you want to book a car with a personal driver online with no extra costs, contact us. Our services will allow you to easily organize the transportation of passengers from an airport in Sweden to any city; you will not have to worry about the need for further transfers or any surprise payments at the end of the trip. We offer a car or minibus rental with a personal driver available on friendly conditions. An experienced driver will take you to your hotel or place of residence and help unload your luggage. Leave a request on our website to get to your hotel at a reasonable price. Select the car of the required class when you complete your order form, indicate the number of passengers and note your luggage. Payment is carried out online. You can also drive to the cruise terminal. This will be a cheaper, more profitable and faster way to get around. If you need to book a transfer service urgently, call us at the specified phone number.